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Getting Started with PollSetup.com:

Creating free polls for your site is quick and easy and can be done with minimal effort thanks to Poll Setup and the easy service that we provide to our users.

The first step to getting started with our free service is to create an account which can be done by visiting the homepage of our site here. After you've successfully created an account you can begin using our free service to add free polls to your site.
Create For Your First Poll:

Getting your first poll setup using our site is quick and easy and provides enough flexibility to customize your poll to suit the look and feel of your site. Here at poll setup we offer two modes of adding polls to our site. A basic mode which still allows for an immense amount of customization and flexibility with simple drop box type options, color pickers and other configuration options that are easy to set. The only difference between the Simple mode and advanced mode of adding polls to your site is that in advanced mode you'll have the option to directly edit the CSS pretty much making for limitless design customization for your poll. If you're not familiar with CSS we highly recommend that you stick with the simple mode. Additionally in advanced mode you have the ability to enter straight HTML content within the available fields if you wish.

Adding Polls to Your Site:

After you've created your free poll using our service you'll now need to add the poll to your site. This can be done with ease by simply copying and pasting the code provided in one of the two options you'll receive upon the successful creation of your poll. Regardless of which option you choose you'll be required to copy and paste the code segment provided somewhere in the body of your page (this means somewhere within the page after the <body> but before the </body> tag). The two options for including the poll onto your site are the "HTML" poll inclusion method and the "JavaScript" poll inclusion method for which we've provided details for below:

Option #1 HTML Poll Code Inclusion Method:

This method of including the poll code onto your site adds straight HTML code to the page although it may be a bit bulkier then the JavaScript code it will render quicker as it will be rendered directly from your server (note by quicker it's fractions of a second we're talking here). We suggest using this method if you're using a free web hosting service as they're more likely to allow for straight HTML type widgets such as this one as opposed to the remote JavaScript type inclusion. The down side to using this method is that if you decide that you want to change any part of the poll you'll be required to copy and paste a new block of HTML code onto your site.

Option #2 JavaScript Poll Inclusion Method:

The benefit to using this method of inclusion for the service is that you have the ability to easily edit and manage the poll using our service without having to make any changes to the code. By including the JavaScript code anytime you make a change while logged into your account to a poll the change would reflect the live version of the poll on your site. This makes it quick and easy to adjust things such as colors, fonts, dimensions, etc... with ease.

Managing Existing Polls:

There are a few options to consider when managing your polls under the "My Polls" section of your account. These features make it easy for you to deal with small tasks related to the polls setup within your account and have each been outlined for you below:

1. View Results - For polls that have already been created within your account you can easily view the results for the poll and where the voting for any poll added within the system stands.

2. Reset - Upon your confirmation this option will allow you to reset the value for each answer of your poll to "0".

3. Pause - This will allow you to pause the voting on your poll for as long as you'd like. Clicking on pause on any of the polls will pause the poll and clicking on the activate button which appears if a poll is paused will activate the poll and open it to voting on again.

4. Edit - Will allow you to edit all aspects of your poll.

5. HTML - This is where you go to get the HTML code that you'll need to copy and paste onto your site in order to allow your site visitors to begin voting on your poll.

6. Set End Date - Should you want to set the end date for your poll which would no longer accept any new votes on your poll past a certain date you can do so by setting the end date using this option.

7. Delete - At any point you can delete any of the polls you have set within the system with ease by clicking the delete link as part of any poll you have added within the system.